Squeaky Rafts IO

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How to play:

Squeaky Rafts is a survival io game that takes place on the islands. Players must gather resources, build a raft, and travel across different islands to reach the homeland. 

Game Rules

The game is set on different islands and there are only trees, seas, and rocks around. The main objective of the game is to get to your homeland placed on the far right side of the map. To do that, you must collect the necessary resources to build the best and the strongest raft possible to pass the sea and islands full of dangers. 

Your raft must be good enough to be able to survive strong waves and sharks. Try to gather as many rocks and wood as you can and stock them up. 


  • WASD to move.
  • Q to open the map.
  • E to punch rocks and trees / use paddles / interact with things.
  • F to pick up/drop things.
  • T to talk for voice chat.
Have Fun!