Stabfish io

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How to play:

Stabfish io transformed into a monster under the vast ocean. Use tusks to destroy enemies, destroy more enemies, the tusks will lengthen and benefit you. Explore and enjoy 20 different weapons.


For computer

TO NAVIGATE YOUR Aquarium, MOVE YOUR MOUSE. To raise, click and keep.

For cell phones, use the D-pad to monitor your fish first. To raise, press, and hold two times.


  • Stabbed or stabbed means death in a heartbeat!
  • Gather food to keep your tank fueled!
  • You can get points by killing enemies and consuming food.
  • If you progress through the game, your arm will get longer.
  • Chain incentives are explained.
  • Each fish is marked with a colored circle.
  • A Chain Bonus is won by constantly killing fish of the same color.

Induction into the Hall of Fame

For a week, the top three players with the best score on an individual day will be displayed in the Hall of Fame.

Have Fun!