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How to play: is a new version of Explore the vast ocean, defeat other players to become the strongest fish with upgraded beast weapons. The focus of is on fast-paced combat. In less than a second, an opponent may impale you. Move quickly with your boost and attempt to capture the bigger fish with quick movements. When you impale an enemy shark with your tusk, they will remain attached to it until you swim into a wall. This gets rid of them and spills the food for you to eat. The loot goes to your inventory bag under materials, blueprints, or decorations. You can use the materials to craft the items found in blueprints, which have different rarity levels.

Shark's upgraded appearance

There are three stages in the development of sharks. Every time you die, you grow. The Blue Shark, Great White Shark, and Megaladon are the first three kinds. Each of these three progressions can be upgraded. Sharks that have been updated have improved their skills. You may get them by achieving certain milestones.

Form a shark squad

Form a team and compete in the 'Armaggedon' event, which takes place every hour. You have the opportunity to top the scoreboard in the event every hour. You may join or form a team for any game at any moment.


PC Mode

Direct your fish with the mouse, Left-Click, or Right-Click to release skills.

Touchscreen Mode

Move your fish with D-Pad, Tap Skill Button to release skills.

Have Fun!