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How to play: is a great shooter in the vast universe. Explore the galaxy, destroy all enemies in the game. Experience the game and top the leaderboard.

This top-down shooter with a space theme is very unique and has a lot to offer. In the main menu, select an appropriate spaceship based on the needed qualities. Make changes to the design, pick a username, and enter a match. The ship will fly to the location indicated by the pointer. Avoid clashing with stars and asteroids while maneuvering it in the right path. To score points, shoot and blow out your opponents. By killing opponents and staying alive, you may try to achieve the highest score on the server. To accelerate, use the gravitational pull of several planets. Stay away from them if you don't want to burn in their environment. Compete for supremacy in the sector, rise through the ranks, and become the best pilot in the world.

Features of the game

  • Attractive optimized 2D graphics
  • Upgrade many skills in combat
  • Customize color scheme
  • A collection of new ships


  • Click LMB to shoot
  • Click on RMB to activate the protective shield.
  • Left mouse button for action.
Have Fun!