Stickman Punch

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How to play:

Stickman Punch you will enter a tough arena, where you fight hard to survive the longest and destroy all opponents, attacking you from two sides. Start the match right away and become the hero in this match.

In the dark scene of the arena you will stand in the middle of the arena, when a cold wind passes, the enemy starts to attack you. Stay alert and use your flexibility to punch and kick your enemies away. Enemies will attack in turn from two sides click left to attack the left, right-click to attack the right. Attack correctly, if you attack early the enemy will find loopholes and attack against you. When defeating other stick figures, you will earn blue flames and trophies. Tired of fighting punches and kicks? You can use this blue flame as a currency to unlock and use 5 different weapons in your battles. You can keep track of the number of flames and trophies you've earned at the top of the screen. Just keep them, you will see how many enemies you have killed. You can turn off the blood effect if you don't like it. The game is over if you are hit by one of your opponents. How long can you survive in the arena? Experience it now!

Stickman Punch release date

November 15, 2018

Game features

With colorful 2D graphics and 5 different weapons giving the user a feeling of relaxation and the desire to conquer the final limits of the game. Do you want to break the records of this game? Join us now!


Use a mouse to control the game

Have Fun!