Stickman Shooter 2

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How to play:

Stickman Shooter 2 in this game you will control Stickman destroy all attackers on Stickman's base. The villains attack from one direction with a powerful army, they will continuously attack the Stickman base. Use the latest weapons to stay with Stickman against evil enemies!

War is a battlefield full of guns and advanced weapons such as bombs, mines, field machines, ... Stickman's opponents in the game, too, have a lot of advanced weapons to destroy Stickman's base. So, Stickman needs to use the most advanced and existing weapons to fight them. Stickman's most advanced weapons are the ones suggested at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the current weapons, the most advanced weapons will destroy the enemy thoroughly and quickly. Those weapons take time to recharge. Therefore, it is necessary to use weapons in the most reasonable way. The game will have many different levels of play, the higher up, the stronger the enemy, and the greater their attack power. Use the money you collect to buy different advanced weapons to destroy your enemies. Conquer all levels of the game and discover the most advanced weapons in the game!

Release date

February 14, 2020


With many attractive fighting weapons and vivid 2D design, a game cannot be ignored. Along with that are 6 different upgrades to buy from the store and 3 different weapon upgrades discover now!


Use a mouse to control the game

Have Fun!