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How to play: game of fun ping pong balls, your aim is to knock other players on the edge and increase the size of each player you strike.

As you develop, your speed will start to decline, since you become heavier. The heavier it is for another player, though you are not invincible, to knock on your edge.

You will play at a fast pace and you will aim to become the biggest ping pong ball. You are playing in an arena like a very familiar ball to you, the ping pong table, like a ball-carrying a ping pong racket trying to hit other balls. Use your speed and ability to escape blows from your opponents and knock them down before you fall.


  • Use "W" to move Forward
  • Use "A" to Left
  • Use "S" to move Backwards
  • Use "D" to move Right
  • Use "Shift" to hold for a short boost
  • Use "LMB" to CLICK to swing paddle, HOLD to charge upswing, and hit with more power
Have Fun!