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How to play: is a fun entertainment game where you will defeat all opponents in the world to become the strongest, biggest player in this multiplayer arena.

Your opponents are in the game and you all start at a random position. When a sufficient number of games begin to enter the intense confrontation screen. Your task is to push other opponents out of the arena until you are alone in the arena you will win. Will you be the winner in a row through the levels? It's not difficult, but you still have to use flexible, fast-moving skills to push your opponent out of the arena when in any moving position. When you push the opponent out of the arena your size will increase by one level, the more you push the opponent, the more muscular you will have. But you need to be aware that as your body grows, the movement will slow down, so move smart. Use those advantages to push the remaining opponents and win the championship.

When you accumulate a considerable amount of gold you can use them to upgrade your character like Body, Eyes, Head, Mouth, Adornment, Gloves, and Tail. Each upgrade will have 10 different options. Win all levels to upgrade outstanding characters and claim your position in the arena.

Tips for playing

Think of strategies that work in your favor, such as knowing where your opponents will be, splitting them up, and clicking to move harder, faster, and with more will than ever possible to beat them.


Vivid 3D graphics through each game screen. Multiplayer game, that challenges you to pass all levels to win the end. Easy character control. Discover exciting upgrades for your Sumo character.

How to play

To control the character, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys or move in the direction of the mouse pointer. Click to move the character faster and have more decisive attacks.

Have Fun!