Surviv io

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How to play:

Surviv io is a 2D battle royale shooting game in which you must overcome dangerous red zones. You've never seen a Battle Royale like this before! While the ominous red zone gradually pushes all players closer together, collects weapons, ammunition, and other supplies.


To move, use the WASD keys.

Aim with the mouse, then shoot with the left click.

The game will begin with only one small package. Explore the map and gather more loot (F key). You will have up to two guns on you at once. The size of the bag limits the amount of ammunition and other items you can take.

Are you weak? Use a bandage or reinforcement bandage. To use the supplies, go to the right side of the screen and click on them.


Although each game has only one winner, there are several ways to win. Take advantage of the situation and fight when you have the upper hand. Take a bloodthirsty strategy and attempt to kill as many enemies as possible (while also stealing their loot!).

Have Fun!