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What is the highest level you reached in the sword fighting game? Join this multiplayer game to become the most dangerous sword hero in the arena.

About the game game released in 2018 with addictive gameplay and vivid 2D graphics. Still like other survival games, your aim in the game is to survive and grow. Opponents coming towards you will be a good opportunity. Destroy them to be able to develop your sword. Beware of opponents whose swords are longer than you because they can easily cut through you. To prove you are the best swordsman, rise to the top of the leaderboard in every game.

Upgrade Sword

Initially, you will be provided with a wooden sword. From there you need to kill more enemies to upgrade to the iron sword and axe. You will be surprised when the later you fight, the more dangerous and beautiful the swords you own. More than that, these swords will grow in length to make it easier for you to kill your opponents. Owning a powerful sword will be an advantage for you to master this game arena.

Upgrade your outfit

Besides upgrading, the game also gives you a variety of character creations. Your character will be dressed up in epic costumes such as iron armor, aboriginal costumes, spiderman costumes, and superhero costumes. How many costumes will you own in this game? Join the game and conquer!

Play Level

Levels in the game are unlimited. Because the level in the game is calculated according to the percentage of health that you collect after each kill of the opponent. When you collect 100% health, you will be upgraded to 1 level. So kill and collect the blood of as many opponents as you will conquer the highest levels.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Use the left mouse button to attack the opponent
  • Use the right mouse button to move faster
Have Fun!