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How to play: is an extremely attractive territory capture game. Do you want to own the lands on the world map? Join the game now to fulfill that wish.

In the game, you will be selected a land. The land you choose can be located anywhere on the world map and will be marked with a fixed color. With a small land at first, you will have to conquer the lands near you to develop your land. The more your land expands, the easier it will be to conquer other lands. Your ultimate goal is to capture all the lands that appear on the map. You will be the winner when your land gets the only crown.

Game mode

To join the game you can choose Multiplayer or Singleplayer mode. In Singleplayer mode you can choose levels when participating in the game such as easy, difficult, very difficult...

Strategy in the game

When you join the game at a difficult level, you will have to have battle strategies. If you are not strong enough to fight other territories, then think of strategies such as making peace, sending resources, and cooperating with neighboring territories. The implementation of these strategies will increase your strength to conquer the remaining territories.


Use your mouse to click on the lands near you to invade the territory.

Have Fun!