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How to play:

New 2D action fantasy game Entering the game you will enjoy endless space, like PUPG but with completely new graphics. You will jump into the battle zone from a giant dragon. From above try to land under the area with many items. Collect the items in the golden chest and get ready to fight A miniature map will appear, from the miniature map you will locate your location. Pay attention to the red circle, try to maintain the fight in the circle. You will fight with a variety of spells and melee skills. Fight and become the last survivor in the  game.

Current feature:
-Individually (battle royale online mode - fight by yourself versus other players)
- Groups of two (battle royale online mode - fight as a team with friends or strangers versus other players)
- Groups (battle royale online mode)
- Over 20 pieces of unique gear, including swords, axes, staves, weapons, and magical items. Select your preferred fight style!
- 350+ various cosmetics to mix and combine to create your own unique character - 45+ medals to acquire based on your progress
- There are over 30 tasks to accomplish in order to receive prizes.
- A ranking system that allows you to compare your abilities to those of other players
- Reward points may be obtained in a variety of ways.

Features available:
There are many types of weapons and spells to use. Convenient minimap. The game runs on all free web browsers, iOS, Android.

Use WASD or arrow key to movement
Use "Mouse cursor" to aiming/looking
Use "Left mouse button" to Attacking
Use "E" to interacting
Switching weapon/item: 1-6, mouse wheel, or clicking on the inventory slot
Use "Space bar" to jumping off the dragon and descending more quickly
Use "Space bar" to use accessory

Have Fun!