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Challenge your skills with Threes game

You will play with numbers in Threes. Let's combine numbers together to create a new number! To complete this mission, you must understand the gameplay first.

The rules of this puzzle game

In the beginning, you will see numbers 1 and 2 first. After they combine together, you get the number 3. The number 3 and higher numbers can add together if they are twins. For example, you only can add the number 6 with another number 6 in the grid. Moreover, remember number 1 can't combine with an identical number. Number 1 only adds with 2 and vice versa. To conquer Threes, it's better to learn by heart these principles.

How to add the numbers together

You can see a grid with four walls. You can arrange the numbers by pushing them into the wall. You need always ensure the grid has a space to appear new numbers. If there is no space, the game will be over. You can quickly end the match when you're new to this game. However, the number in your grid will increase according to your experience.

Tips to master Threes

  • You should be calm while playing this game. Make sure you won't give up on the first try.
  • Look at the situation to make a smart strategy. Some gamers just wipe the mouse to add the numbers together without thinking.
  • The higher numbers you get, the more points you gain at the end of the game. Of course, you also need time to create a high number.
Have Fun!