Tiny Fishing

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How to play:

Your task in Tiny Fishing

Join fishing with fishermen in Tiny Fishing. You must try your best to catch many valuable fishes and get money to upgrade max fish, max depth, and hooks.

First, you have to click the Play button for the fishing line to drop. Then control the fishing line to catch big and valuable fish. However, each fishing will be limited in the number of fish caught, so please upgrade to the Fish Max. You will catch more fish with each drop.
In addition, if you want to catch the best fish, you must drop the fishing line deeper. You also use your money to boost it. Try your best to own a large amount of money.

The traits of Tiny Fishing

The fishing hooks

The number of fish and length of the fishing line are two fishing-related improvements that can be upgraded with money. These two elements are essential for landing fish. But the hook is just as crucial. The cash cannot be used to swap out hooks. To unlock them, you must amass the requisite number of gold coins. Your fish will find it simpler to get trapped in the trap thanks to these hooks. You will thus earn more money at work. To choose the hook, you need to click the Hooks button.

The virtual aquarium

Once the prior job is done, you can join the aquarium to continue fishing. The fish in aquariums are typically very valuable. You can greatly boost the sum with their assistance.

Have Fun!