Trap The Cat

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How to play:

Trap the Cat is a novel puzzle game based on the cat's movement on hexagonal tiles. In the game try to make a big loan and don't let the cat escape your siege.

Starting the game you will see the cat standing in the middle of the hexagonal area, it looks simple but it is very smart. Your task is to create a barrier to prevent the cat from jumping out of the hexagonal area. By clicking on the hexagons you can create a trap with no way out. But when you click on a hexagon the cat will jump to another hexagon to the last area you haven't covered, it will escape and you will lose the game here. That's why you need to have a great strategy to surround the cat.

Here are a few tips for you. Pay attention to the direction of the cat's movements and do not place the trap too close to the cat. Join and master this exciting cat trap game now.


  • Simple but extremely attractive graphics
  • Practice logic skills
  • Addictive game
  • Challenge your friends to join
  • Join for free on all available web browsers

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  • Use your mouse to click on the hexagons that you think can block the cat's escape.
Have Fun!