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How to play:
  • To move the tank, use the W, A, S, D keys or the Arrow keys
  • To shoot, left-click or press the Space key.


Welcome to the exciting battle in the game This game is inspired by the famous game. You will control your small tank to fight opponents.

Game features is an entertaining 3D game modeled after the famous game In this game, you control a tank and shoot other tanks in a three-dimensional arena. The more you shoot, the stronger you will be. Additionally, you can improve your tank by choosing from a variety of classes and abilities.


Trying to get your tank to the highest score on the leaderboard is your goal in this game. To level up, you must blow up other tanks to destroy them and get colored circles. Additionally, you must avoid falling or being shot by other tanks. You have many classes and skills to choose from when upgrading your tank.


The arena and tanks in the game are developed in style and have beautiful 3D graphics. Along with exciting music, the game also has cheers, explosions, and gunfire. Additionally, the game features several different game types, including quick, custom, team, and multiplayer.

Here are some tips for you

You should choose the type of tank that best suits your playing style. Each type of tank has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Machine Gun class has a fast rate of fire but a short range, while the Sniper class has a large range but low speed.

The tank's skill set needs to be improved in a balanced way. With the colorful circles you collect, you can enhance abilities such as strength, speed, durability, and resilience. Your skill upgrades must match your tank's class.

To destroy other tanks and collect colored circles, you should shoot at them. To improve your chances of hitting your target, you can shoot from a variety of angles. Furthermore, you can take photos on the go to create amazing curves.

Have Fun!