Unfair Mario Run

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How to play:

Unfair Mario Run fun platform game inspired by many previous Mario games. Still as brave Mario, please control him through all the obstacles. Little monsters and unannounced traps are Mario's big obstacle. But do not worry before the traps are the main signs so pass them, hidden traps can be thorns, bridges may fall at any time .... Try to overcome the challenges ahead. When a flag is reached, raise it to save your position as a checkpoint.

On the way, collect all collectibles, coins, and power up. A game platform with many interesting challenges will give you a great sense of relaxation after each level of play.


Use ARROW KEYS to control Mario

Unfair Mario Run is one of the best in io games. There are also some other Mario games such as Mario Bros World, Ultimate Mario Run, ... Let's experience all these Mario games.

Have Fun!