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How to play:

Explore the modern 3D platform in this extreme arena, destroy your opponents with your high range shooting skills to become a great warrior. Under the familiar first-person perspective of modern shooting game genres, has also recreated the position of the gun sight to make the game more attractive and accurate. In this exciting game arena, you need to prepare your weapons to fight all the other players in the World. So what's your weapon here?

Main Weapon

Starting the game, you will be equipped with four basic featured weapons:

  • Scar - suitable for medium/long-range combat
  • Shotgun - high power close-range weapon
  • Sniper - powerful ranged weapon
  • Tec-9 - Short/medium range fast-firing SMG

Each weapon will have different features and uses. You can try out all the weapons after each turn and gain experience for your next turns. Weapons with great destructive power will definitely give you great skills.

Equipment upgrade

To upgrade your equipment to become more powerful, find all the glowing green spots on the map. Those same glowing places will also give you more energy, find territories and complete the goal. It is in these places that the opponents are very concentrated, so be ready for a fiery clash here. Unlock cards and use them tactically against your opponents.


  • FPS game with lots of action.
  • Close-up of the map
  • Skins, cards, and emojis can all be unlocked.
  • Clear 3D visuals for seamless gaming experiences

Game publisher is developed by Cem Demir (TheLlamaMomma). RoboFight and Mini Royale 2 were created by Cem Demir. On io games, try both games.


  • Move " WASD" or "Arrow" Keys
  • Shoot "LMB"
  • Jump "Space"
  • Melee Attack "E"
  • Throw Grenade "F"
  • Aim "Left Shift / RMB"
  • Turn Cards - "(Hold) B"
  • Dance "H"
Have Fun!