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How to play: is an online io game where you will control your tiny tribe in the hands of God to survive. Discover upgrades, build a solid tribe in the game.

You use your digital hand to lead a tiny tribe to greatness in the game. But be warned: the world is hostile, and the people who live in it are ruthless. You don't issue direct commands to your minions. Instead, provided they have the necessary equipment to do activities like hunting or chopping wood, they will naturally adapt to the surroundings. In addition, your job is to purchase additional upgrades and assign them to the minions in order to improve their chances of surviving.


Move the totem by digital hand on the screen. More tribesmen should be recruited with meat, and weapons should be built to offer them varied responsibilities. If you're not careful, your tribe will interact with whatever you choose, which might include other players. The bow lets you hunt animals, the ax lets you cut down trees, and more. There is a manual/manual in the game, be sure to check it out.


Your best chance of surviving is to avoid a fight as soon as possible. There are likely to be gamers who have been playing for hours and have amassed entire armies. As a result, stay away from any red blocks on the map.


  • There are several upgrades that can be purchased.
  • With more units, the cost of summoning and purchasing equipment rises.
  • You have the option of equipping a unit with any gear you choose.
  • There are a lot of enemy units on the map.
  • Your units will operate on their own, all you have to do is move the totem to lead them.
Have Fun!