War of Sticks

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How to play:

War of Sticks is an addictive medieval fighting game. Build and command your army to defeat the enemy and build a new empire free of exploitation.

Black team and red team

The game is divided into 2 teams, the black team and the red team. In which the black stick army will be controlled by you. The red team will be the enemy unit. Your task is to build an army with gold diggers. Use the gold you mine to buy more soldiers and build castles. Soldiers in the game will be divided into 2 active branches. The first branch will be in charge of gold mining. The remaining group will have the task of defending the territory, castle and directly participating in combat.

Attack the enemy

When the enemy moves to your territory, assemble an army to fight them. There will be many attacks so you need to build a strong army. Kill all enemies so they don't move near the main base. If the main base's mana column is depleted due to a strong attack from the enemy, you will lose.

Tips for playing

Build your army quickly to counterattack when the enemy has just been destroyed. Observe your opponent's army before counterattacking. If the opponent is too strong you should stay on the base and build your army.


When you win you will get some gold coins. Use them to upgrade soldiers' and soldiers' weapons.


Use the mouse to perform maneuvers to build armies and attack opponents.

Have Fun!