Warbot io

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How to play:

Warbot io robot control game in the multiplayer arena. Eliminate all other robots in the arena, gather strength to become stronger. Level up for exciting perks.

  • In just ten seconds, you will learn how to duck, evade, and sprint.
  • Enhance the Real-Time Update Device with Attack/Defense Capsules acquired during combat.
  • Playing of Survival in an Equal World
  • Since everybody begins on the same page, only the abilities are needed.
  • At every point, there's a chance of a turnaround!
  • Avoid the blinding cliffs and frightening fires by hiding behind walls and aiming for the back of the enemy!
  • You're the best Warbot pilot in the world, and you've been charged with overcoming a potential global crisis!


  • Booster: SPACE
  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Camera: Left/Right Arrow
  • Shoot: Up Arrow or Mouse Left Button
  • Mouse Lock On/Off: Mouse Right Button
  • Emotion: 1, 2
  • Minimap: M
  • Hot Key Info: H
  • Upgrade/Ranking: Tab
  • Exit: ESC
Have Fun!