Warbot io

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How to play:

Warbot io robot control game in the multiplayer arena. Eliminate all other robots in the arena, gather strength to become stronger. Level up for exciting perks.

In just ten seconds, you will learn how to duck, evade, and sprint.
Enhance the Real-Time Update Device with Attack/Defense Capsules acquired during combat.
Playing of Survival in an Equal World
Since everybody begins on the same page, only the abilities are needed.
At every point, there's a chance of a turnaround!
Avoid the blinding cliffs and frightening fires by hiding behind walls and aiming for the back of the enemy!
You're the best Warbot pilot in the world, and you've been charged with overcoming a potential global crisis!

Booster: SPACE
Move: W, A, S, D
Camera: Left/Right Arrow
Shoot: Up Arrow or Mouse Left Button
Mouse Lock On/Off: Mouse Right Button
Emotion: 1, 2
Minimap: M
Hot Key Info: H
Upgrade/Ranking: Tab
Exit: ESC

Have Fun!