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How to play: is a dramatic 3D soggy game where you and your teammates battle dangerous Bosses. Defense and attack to be the one to kill the most Bosses!

In the game, you will play in an intense third-person! With your soldiers, defend the machine from hostile incursions. When an adversary attacks one of your machines, you receive a warning. With the energy you earn in battle, you may purchase new weapons and characters. Have fun!


  • Play in an intense third-person.
  • Many players join.
  • Characters can change their appearance.
  • New purchasable weapons and items.
  • The main enemies are the Bosses.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use L to lock/unlock the mouse
  • Use Space bar to jump
  • Use Right-click to switch weapon
  • Use Left-click to attack
  • Use E to open the shop menu
Have Fun!