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How to play: is a thrilling medieval fighting game, take your country's flag and fight other players. Let's fight hard on all fronts to win. Explore the game now!

You should not only fight but also defend yourself on each battlefield. If you are strong enough to fight, this game will teach you how to do both. The longer you play, the higher your chances of reaching the pro level. However, did you ask for it? If that's the case, just fight and you will win. Even though your character has an infinite number of lives, it would seem insulting if you were killed in the first place. Don't give your opponent a chance! Grab an ax and start swinging it around. Allow them to try to get closer to you, and they will pay the price. However, a minor strike from your opponent might render you weak, and your opponent can even kill you! Stay away from the strongest player if you spot him. Only then will you have a chance to win if you wait for the suitable rank. Battles are unique in that you may attack your opponent in a variety of ways. Wishing you the best of success in the tournament!


  • WASD - character move
  • LMB - attack
  • RMB - run/kick
  • Mouse Wheel Up - roll
  • Mouse Wheel Down - block
  • Jump - space
  • 1 - Healing Potion
  • 2 - Haste Potion
  • Q - mine
  • E - throwing knife
  • R - special skill
Have Fun!