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How to play: is a snake multiplayer game in which players become a snake, control colorful dots, steal energy from other players, and become the biggest snake in the arena.

How to play

  • Choose your skin, location, and start!

The game features different snake skins. When you enter the game, you can click on the snake on the screen to change its skin. And once you're ready, select Play!

Unlike other games, you won't be placed randomly in the game. Instead, you can choose where to spawn. Just move around the arena, find a nice place to start, and press the left mouse button to spawn. You should appear at a place with many dots around. This will help you easily consume dots and grow faster. You will start as a small snake and work your way to the leaderboard. 

  • Game goal

The game works similarly to other Snake io games. Players must try to collect as many glowing dots in a large open world to grow bigger. The objective of the game is to become the biggest snake and dominate the arena.

The game ends if you collide with other snakes or are attacked by the zap power of larger players. Try to avoid head-on contact with bigger snakes because this will cause instant death.

As you grow bigger, you will also become slower. You can boost up speed to get in the way of other snakes and make them collide with your body to eliminate them.

  • What's special in the game?

The special part of this game is that players can steal the energy of other players by bumping into their tails.


  • Move the snake with your mouse.
  • Press the left mouse button to speed up. 
Have Fun!