Zombie Shooter

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How to play:

Zombie Shooter is like a survival game but here the zombies will not attack you directly. You will transform into a hero in this game, holding a handgun and wearing bulletproof armor. That shows you as a hero going to destroy all those stupid zombies.

Your mission is to use your shotgun to shoot all the existing zombies. The gun's viewfinder will be clearly displayed on the screen, so you need to control the viewfinder in the correct position to destroy all zombies in your sights. Obstacles sometimes lose your view, take advantage of them to indirectly aim. Avoid letting the obstacles react to yourself, as you will be broken and have to start over.

The game has 15 different levels of play, each level will have different difficulty and challenge. Completing each level well you will get 3 stars equivalent to completing the task excellently. The number of ammo you have is infinite so please complete the task in each level.


  • Move the mouse to move the viewfinder
  • Click to shoot

With sound, graphics, and simple gameplay, Zombie Shooter will surely bring you exciting moments. Besides, you can find some other hot shooting games such as Shell Shocker, Krunker io, Build Royale io, Devast io games, ... Have fun!

Have Fun!