Zombs io

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How to play:

Zombs io is an online IO game in which you must build a base and protect it from waves of zombies. Making your foundation more effective by upgrading it. Keep an eye on the waves as they grow in power. How many nights will you be able to last?

Gather your mates to form a broad base (but be careful! When you enter a gang, there will be more zombies than usual.)


To begin your base camp, place your Gold Stash [hotkey 8]. Zombies will emerge at night, so build fast. To begin construction of the tower, gather nearby stone and wood materials.

Develop a Gold Mine to begin producing gold (gold is used to upgrade the tower as well as purchase goods from the shop) (B).

To defend your gold vault and mine, build as many turrets as possible. The importance of the WALL cannot be overstated! They'll protect your foundation and keep zombies from destroying your tower directly.

As you survive more nights, you will gain more points, and the Zombies will get more powerful. Will you be able to reach 100 points?

Have Fun!