Zombs Royale io

223 votes 3.9/5
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How to play:

The game Zoms Royale io can be played solo or with friends against various teammates. To upgrade your weapons, you must beat other players, collect forces, and defeat opponents.

Game mode with a time limit:

  • Zombies: Form a squad and battle against other teams while fighting hordes of zombies!
  • Is playing 50v50 with four teams, not enough? Fight for a 50-person team while being grouped in a 50-person team!
  • Superpowers: Beat other players and win superpowers, such as the ability to run quicker, fire higher, and more!
  • Gun race: no loot, no minimap, defeat your opponents to level up your guns, and be the first to kill your rival with the ultimate weapon to win!

Over 1000 unique character cosmetics are unlocked by in-game coins, but certain in-game items may be available for purchase (with no balance change)!

To prove that you are the highest, climb to the top of the charts. See how you fare in per-match eliminations or survival periods against other teams!


  • WASD - Movement
  • Left click - Shoot
  • E - Interact
Have Fun!