Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure

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Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure is an extremely attractive racing game with many other players. Control your eccentric car to survive until the end of the track.

Your only goal in this dramatic game is to collect a lot of red gems and fight to take down the players who are competing with you on the track. Get ahead of your rivals and design your own car in adventure. More than that, you must take all necessary actions to free your friends who are being held captive on the track! In this crazy driving simulator with police chase, having a turbocharger and good driving skills will be very helpful. Become a car tycoon, improve your vehicles and thwart the law! Fight the boss to ensure your survival in this wacky race!

You will be able to upgrade your car and turn it into a real tank that can cope with anything with the money you earn. To protect your life till the finish, increase your tank size, firepower, engine power, shields, and of course your defensive weapons.


  • Great game space
  • Weird ones you've never seen
  • Many exciting upgrades for your car
  • Compete with many other cars

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  • Use arrow keys to control
  • Use SPACEBAR to drop bombs
  • Use the X key to turbo
Have Fun!