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How to play: is an entertaining arcade game where you will have to destroy other stone throwers quickly. Let's join this fascinating game now!

In this game, you will control a catapult, and you have to aim it at your opponent. You need to have accurate observation and aim. Many other machines are also aiming at you. That's why it's time to throw stones and destroy other machines as quickly as possible. When you have demolished these stone throwers, there will be other stone throwers to replace them, so don't be subjective but always be wary of these new machines. Each time you hit an opponent you will see an increase in the number of points under your avatar, when you are hit, the score will decrease. Try to get the first 20 points for a glorious win in this game. Don't forget before playing choose your avatar and name and then start the game.

With simple graphics but the game will make you have to play it again and again. Simply because the game will not force you to go back to the beginning too many times after you are destroyed. Instead, each time you are stoned you will be deducted 1 point and immediately return to the game map but in a different location. With addictive gameplay, this will definitely be a game that gives you endless entertainment space.

This game is too easy for you., Drift 3, and Crowd Drift City are always here to challenge your skills.


  • Use the mouse to play.
Have Fun!