Cookie Clicker

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Join Cookie Clicker to bake thousands of cakes with tools and surprise deals. Your task in this game is to continuously click on the giant cake to create productivity.

Cookie Clicker is an alluring new game with a fun baking journey. In the game you will be a real baker, you can produce thousands of cakes with attractive tools and incentives. To start the game your job is to repeatedly click on the largest cake in the middle of the screen. Each time you click, you will bake 1 small cake. Looking to the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the shop, where you can buy items such as pointers (each pointer will help you automatically click to create cakes), grandma (One Kind grandmother to bake more biscuits), plant trees (Grow cookie plants from cookie seeds to make more cookies), ... Make lots of cookies so you can buy items. help you bake more cakes. Attractive products will motivate you to bake more cakes. This is a great baking game. Let's start the game now.


  • Use your mouse to bake cakes and buy items in the store.
  • Cookie Clicker is one of the most addictive new games io games. The game will bring you great experiences and relaxation. Conquer all the games in io games right now!
Have Fun!