Cookie Clicker City

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How to play:

Discover the new game Cookie Clicker City, click to create a huge amount of cakes, use the generated cakes to develop the empty land into a bustling, modern city.

Starting into the game you will see the beautiful scenery of the surrounding scenery. Here time is rotated from day to night according to nature.

Your task is to click on the largest cake placed on a separate land to create countless different small cakes. Use the amount of cake generated to develop the land from primitive to modern-looking by using the amount of cake generated to buy valuable items that will help you in the process of forming a new type of city, modern. The items and architecture you buy will help you increase the number of cakes significantly, be patient with time because it will help you a lot in creating a huge number of cakes.

The game is divided into 5 different stages of development. You have up to 18 structures at your disposal to help you expand your city and increase manufacturing efficiency. There are approximately 600 upgrades and 700 achievements to be unlocked in this game. There are also many intriguing things to discover.

When playing, it is a small piece of advice that you should try to save cookies and increase the number of cookies received per click to achieve more cookies.


  • Click to play
  • To buy the structure you want, click the home icon.
  • To upgrade, click the arrow icon.
  • To see your city's achievements, click the cup icon.
  • To set up the game to your liking, click the wheel icon.
Have Fun!