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How to play:

Cubes is a number matching game but with a completely new way of playing. Control the blocks in the game to match the biggest numbers on this game map.

If you have ever played Snake game, then in this game you will find the gameplay is almost the same. At the beginning of the game, you will control a number 2 block. Move the block on the map to find the next number 2 block. When two blocks of two are combined, you will be able to match block number 4, number 4 will pair with number 4 to become the number 16. Continue to pair like that to become the largest number. When your number is large you can drag smaller blocks. Moreover, you can swallow blocks of numbers that are smaller or equal to you.

But you also need to keep one thing in mind. Other opponents can cut your numbers at any time. So keep an eye on your opponents moving around. Besides, you need to pay attention to the blocks with your higher number blocks. If you don't run fast then you will definitely be swallowed up immediately.

Helpful help in the game

The game offers extremely useful help while you move. On the way to move, you will see the notes are arrows, x2 and /2. If you want to move faster, jump on the arrows. If you want to double the number block go for x2. If you rush into /2 your number will be split.


  • Use the mouse to control
  • Left click to move faster
Have Fun!