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Grandma is the most exciting new action-horror game available today. The character in the game is locked in a terrible house of a mad old Grandma.
Grandma appears in the game with a bloody baseball bat, she will attack you immediately upon spotting you. Therefore, your mission is to escape from the pursuit of the old lady Grandma. The places you can hide are wardrobes, coffins, ... The main door is covered with different locks and you have to rummage through the house and find the keys and other objects to unlock the door and escape from this house. But you have to be careful because Granny hears everything and if you drop something on the floor or walk on the floor with a creak, she will start running to where she hears the sound.

It's not all that you need to pay attention to bear traps and other things lurking in the dark, such as her pets. On the way to escape, you will see a car with the basic parts removed, find them and put together you will have a useful means to escape. Also, the tools in the room can prevent old Grandma from attacking you in a short amount of time.

You have 5 days to escape from Grandma's creepy house, otherwise bad will happen to you.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Moving
  • H: Hide
  • E: Interact
  • O: drop objects
  • Left Mouse Click: Shooting
  • C: Crouch
  • D: Escape from Bear Trap
  • S: Car starting
Have Fun!