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How to play: is a fun game with a spinning dinosaur character. Your task is to rush into the enemy to destroy them. Discover outstanding skills in the game. is a maze arcade game similar to Pacman which is very fun. In this version, you will play as a dinosaur who has to move around the maze while avoiding ghosts and collecting all the food to get points. Collect eggs from the ground to level up and buy improvements. To become a fake tree, press Space, or hide under trees and leap out at your opponents.

Skills and strategies in the game

On a small map, you spawn at a random place. Your aim is to rush towards players and kill them. This is a difficult game since you are constantly rotating and must perfectly position yourself in order to attack other players!

Collecting eggs is a good way to start the game. After you've leveled up a few times, you should consider purchasing an upgrade. The spin rate improvement is important if you want a productive, fast-paced game because it speeds up your turns. You should increase your size if you want to play a more exciting game of killing a lot of people or pretending to be a tree. In any event, select a decent hiding spot and then charge at opponents. You may also spend the entire game running across the area and assaulting your opponents!

Levels in the game

You will level up as long as you stay alive throughout the game. You earn experience by hitting eggs and killing players. You get a new coin every time you level up, which you may spend on improvements. It will require more and more experience to level up as you advance through the stages.

3 upgrades in the game

Size, spin rate, and sprint time are the three sorts of upgrades available. The size improvement is self-explanatory: it expands your player's size. It makes it easier to collect eggs and rush towards players, but it also gives you a greater target to hit. The spin rate improvement boosts your spinning speed. This helps you move more efficiently by allowing you to pivot in different directions more quickly. When you need to attack someone, on the other hand, it may be more difficult to manage. For pushing ahead over a longer period of time, sprint time improvement is usually beneficial. This is helpful for both transportation and long-distance assaults.


  • Left-click to walk
  • Right-click to sprint
  • Press the space bar to become a fake tree
Have Fun!