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How to play:

Enjoy the unique game architecture in In this game, you need to fight other players and dangerous monsters in the vast maze. The game is like survival in pixels. But here you will be immersed in a multiplayer world with many different challenges. It is worth noting that in the game you should master the tricks to be able to manipulate some unexpected situations when encountering opponents or monsters along the way. Finding yourself a safe path is also a good suggestion in the game. There are also valuable items on the map that can increase your strength, take advantage of the opportunity and collect socks to aid you in the battle.

In-game tricks:

The longer a battle goes on without all of the bricks being demolished, the quicker the monsters get. Furthermore, the next waves of creatures appear more frequently, making survival much more difficult.

In the near term, murdering other players is the most advantageous strategy, but you may also form alliances with other players and strive to live as long as possible. You get experience points and virtual cash for each monster you kill, which you can later exchange for beautiful skins in the shop.

Be aware that a random bonus might have an unpredictably negative impact! Negative consequences may include a slowdown or the absence of explosives for a period of time. However, taking a bonus with a question mark sign is worth the risk because your odds of receiving a good impact are twice as high as your chances of getting a bad consequence. Furthermore, the good benefits outlast the negative ones.

A speed-up boost is one of the most helpful, but it's difficult to handle at first. You can try to run over other players while holding down the bomb key to block and kill them, but this isn't a silver bullet.

Monsters' behavior is unpredictable, and they can change their direction of travel at any time.
In the "Play with Friends" option, you may combat your friends and establish a private lobby that you manage.

Features of the game include:

  • The ambiance of the classic Bomberman game.
  • The gameplay is simple to learn yet difficult to master.
  • Character customization options are available through an in-game shop that accepts virtual cash.
  • A private lobby and leaderboard are available in the "Friends" game mode.
  • Each combat will give you experience points and virtual cash.
  • Small maps that are focused on providing a rapid and intense playing experience.
  • While waiting for other players to battle against, there is a waiting room with some monsters to practice against.


  • To move, use "WASD" or the "ARROW" keys, and to place a bomb, click the "SPACE" button.
  • Swipe and hold to travel in any direction, and press the bomb icon to plant a bomb on a mobile device.

Both mobile and desktop browsers are supported by the game. On a mobile device, you may select between portrait and landscape modes, depending on your preference.

Have Fun!