Fall Bros

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How to play:

Fall Bros is a free multiplayer game. In the game, you will transform into a funny cartoon character. To win, you have to overcome many challenges of the game. Furthermore, you must compete for positions with other players in order to survive. Jump over gaps, avoid sliding doors, avoid falling bricks and spikes, and check your body in front of the line if you want to grab the crown and go to glory. Only one person can win.

The game has many different levels, each with its own special challenges. The only way you survive is to run and take the positions of other players to avoid falling into the abyss. Crossing different skill levels and gameplay offers more flexibility and for sure that crown is for you. Let's start the game now.


  • WASD to move
  • SPACE to jump

Fall Bros a game that brings excellent relaxation moments, in addition to Fall Bros io games there are also many exciting games such as Bouncing Ball, Legend of Basketball 2020, Rescue Heroes, ... and experience the hottest game today!

Have Fun!