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Kart is a fun driving game of kart driving cats. Use your strength and tactics to push all other opponents off the podium and be the only one to win.

When the game starts, you are in an arena driving a small kart. To win, you must complete 3 laps on various tracks. You have to be careful with other karts as they may try to knock you out of the car, push you into obstacles or cause you to turn in the other direction. Just stay one step ahead of other players by moving faster and having a better strategy than them. After pushing several opponents, your size and strength will increase. You will be the winner if you are still the last person standing in the arena.

The more coins you earn in the game, the higher levels you can achieve. When you have enough money you will unlock great heroes. Try out the heroes immediately after unlocking them for the most immersive experience ever.


  • Arcade game with simple one-button mechanics
  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Various items and powers
  • Unlock more heroes
  • Amazing bumper car game that runs on all web browsers

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  • Use the mouse to move
Have Fun!