Merge Block 2048

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How to play:

Merge Block 2048 is a number matching game with new rules compared to the usual 2048. Start the game to see what is the biggest number you can match.

Join the game you will see a very unique point in the game that is the way to merge physics. Cells will be merged together when they have the same number. For example, block number 2 merges with block number 2 to get block number 4. Continuing the exponential merging process you will conquer the highest numbered cells. The special thing in the game is that the number of boxes will be free falling from the top. Your task is to use the mouse to move the merged cells together. The numbers in the game are like chewing gum falling from the top. If you don't arrange them, they will become messy and take up space. So quickly merge tiles with the same number together before the next number of tiles falls.

Besides the addictive gameplay, the game also has beautiful 3D graphics. Each numbered box will be designated with a unique color. Because of the variety of colors, the game has created an attractive game space. Want to know what color your highest score will be? Let's start this game now!

How to merge

Use the mouse to move blocks with the same number to merge together.

Have Fun!