Papa's Pizzeria

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Papa's Pizzeria is a cooking game that gives you a great experience on how to make delicious pizzas as well as your management skills. Explore the game now!

In the game, you will be the chef and at the same time will be the manager of the pizza shop. Luckily when you opened the store you received a first order. Now let's start making cakes right now! What you need to do is start adding the Toppings that the customer requested on the top of the cake. Then you need to cook the cake by transferring the pizza to the oven and paying attention to how long the cake takes to cook. When the cake is cooked cut each piece and serve to your customers. Your baking needs to be fast because the other guests are very hungry and they want to eat the cake as quickly as possible. Try to focus on doing the right steps because when you do it right you will get a large amount of candy that is very useful for you.

In order to best serve your customers, you also need to be attentive to their needs and preferences, even their sudden changes. Each customer order will have some slight differences. They can request that their pizza be prepared with a specific amount, different number of toppings, different number of slices, etc. Try to serve your customers in the best way to elevate your brand and gain a significant number of patrons.


  • The graphics realistically depict the ingredients to create a delicious pizza.
  • Lots of toppings to choose from.
  • Discover more new pizza cuts.
  • Instructions on how to make pizza the right way.
  • Improve your management skills when the number of guests is increasing.

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  • Use the mouse to perform the baking steps.
Have Fun!