Penalty Kick Online

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How to play:

If you like to show off your penalty kicks in world class soccer matches, then Penalty Kick Online is a dramatic game for you to experience right now.

The game is over and the moment you get into the game, you'll be showing off some great free kicks. The game challenges the skill of shooting the ball over the opponent's crossbar. You will have a total of 15 shots, take this opportunity to observe closely to score as many points as possible. The cheers will resonate even more when you execute all the shots perfectly. You also need to pay attention to each level of play because the goalkeeper will increase with the level of play. This will be a challenge for you. Be confident and remember that when you complete the free kicks with desirable results you will have the coveted trophies for this season. Are you ready to claim you are a great player for these amazing penalty shootouts?

Tips for playing

When you control the ball, pay attention because when you aim the ball too far it can slide out of the goal. When you are a goalkeeper, observe the direction of the ball carefully, you will catch the ball more easily.


  • Crisp game graphics
  • Realistic live sound
  • The difficulty of each level is increased
  • Try yourself as a free kick player and goalkeeper
  • Train your eyesight to shoot and catch the ball

This game is too easy for you. Geometry Dash Meltdown, Pacman 30th Anniversary, Fall Boys and Girls are always here to challenge your skills.


  • Use the mouse to shoot and catch the ball for each position of player and goalkeeper.
Have Fun!