Fall Boys and Girls

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How to play:

Fall Boys and Girls is an extremely engaging frantic running game. Join the game and compete with many different players and become the only winner.

Your task in the game is to run through a series of obstacles, avoid all the pitfalls and obstacles, and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Postures and movements such as running, racing, sliding, jumping, falling, flipping, and punching will be the things that you need to do during the process to overcome other players and rise to first place. More than that you need to move through moving platforms, keep your balance, and enjoy a complex environment full of details and colors that will not be easy for you. Those who move quickly to the finish line will win and move on to the next series of challenges, and those who are slow to be pushed behind will be eliminated. At the later levels, the difficulty will also be increased and players will be eliminated until a single winner is crowned. So what are you waiting for, invite your friends to join this game to compete right now!

To encourage the return of players the game has provided a bunch of items for the winners. When you win you can collect or buy unique characters in the shop and can chat with all the other players in the world. Wish you will win this game.


  • Graphics with many vivid colors
  • Various characters
  • A series of interesting challenges for you to experience
  • Multiplayer game
  • The game is suitable for all ages

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  • Use the WASD key to run
  • Use the space bar to jump
  • Turn on the Enter key to chat
Have Fun!