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Join the classic multiplayer game The game is more outstanding and innovative than ever, inspired by the classic snake game, Powerline io will be a trending game with a new look. This power battle takes place in an arena that pits you against other Powerlines. Destroy them and collect their energy crystals to become bigger!

It's not simple to survive as an electric current, but that's the point of this game. If you lunge at yourself, other players, or the sideline, you will perish, much like Snake. If you want to earn those tasty energy crystals and become the supreme Powerline, you'll need to trap other players and get them to join you. You can then consume their leftover energy to grow larger and gain more points.

To progress to a higher form, keep fighting for energy crystals. You can continue to develop indefinitely as long as you live, but be aware that if you reach the top of the scoreboard, you will become the power king! Being king puts you ahead of any other hungry Powerlines who could try to depose you and drain all of your energy.

Getting close to other Power Lines provides you with a current to enhance. The more time you can spend in another Powerline, the faster it will grow. You may utilize it to get an edge over other players and trap them if you're quick!


You may speak with other Powerlines using the chat option on Use T to acquire a list of words that you may use to attack other players.


Use "WASD" keys to move

Have Fun!