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How to play:
  • You use the mouse to control the direction of your warship's movement.
  • Left click to shoot your opponent.

About this game

Play the game - an exciting battle in the universe of spaceships. You control a warship and begin to collect larger sources of light in the universe.

Game genre

The game belongs to the genre of multiplayer tactical action. The game's graphics are space-themed. Each spaceship corresponds to one player. The night space and sparkling stars will bring you an enjoyable experience.

Game missions

To dominate the universe, you control a spaceship and engage in combat with other players. In this open-world game, you must collect materials, upgrade your spaceship, and engage in combat with other players.

Some tips for you

When you start the game you need to move quickly to collect light sources. Because at this time your spaceship is still very small and it can be attacked by other opponents at any time. This is the time when you need to be most cautious and move skillfully.

Choosing the right strategy is essential, from dodging more formidable opponents to forming a group to battle other players.

Have Fun!