Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block

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How to play:

Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block is a great adventure game of stickman. In it, you will control a main stickman and conquer all the levels in the game.

To be able to conquer all levels you need to have the skills to jump and be faster than all the opponents to go to the next gate. What you need to do at the beginning of the game is to carefully observe who the character you control is. The character you control will have an arrow pointing down at the top. Once the character is identified, move quickly. Because if you slow down, you will encounter more inadequacies than your opponent. Along the way, you will see a lot of hints. Read those suggestions quickly and keep moving. You should remember that you need to jump continuously and keep an eye on the target in order to land safely without falling off the cliff.

The game has many levels for you to explore and experience. At each level, there will be different challenges and different scenes. So you need to train yourself with high jump skills and great reflexes to become the first to finish.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures at, Papa's Pizzeria, and

Outstanding features in the game Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block

  • Amazing 2D graphics
  • Many levels of play for you to experience
  • Compete with many other stickmen
  • Jump in the Vex way to jump higher

How to control a stickman

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to jump.
Have Fun!