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If you like playing games far from modern civilization then is a fun survival game for you. Find a way to survive on this deserted island!

In this game you have to collect the materials you require from the environment, or more precisely, collect anything you come across. such as food, fruit, and wood. You will see that the weather is changing. The air will be cold, it will be dark, and it will rain. Therefore, you must locate or build a quality shelter. You can make a fire if you have firewood. If you feel tired and sleepy, find a bed and rest immediately. Then you can wake up and continue your survival life. Survival is not easy and should be careful with other players because they also have other evil purposes that endanger you. This island is full of life but also full of errors. Will you survive on this deserted island for a long time?

Outstanding Features in

Extremely attractive 3D game. In the game, there are many improvements that you need to explore and conquer. Use these improvement items to support the following days. Besides, you will experience the game map with many attractive points. Join the game with friends for great relaxing moments now!

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  • Use WASD to move
  • Use Mouse to attack
  • Use Space to jump
  • Use C to crouch
  • Use F to interact
  • Use Enter to chat
  • Use Esc to pause the chat
  • Use 1-5 and Tab to inventory
Have Fun!