Waffle Game

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How to play:

Waffle Game is the hottest puzzle game right now. The limits and challenges of the game will bring you a great entertainment space. Let's start the game now!

The rules of the game are also very simple, they are also detailed in the instructions to play, but I can summarize for you how to play as follows. First, you will see on the screen all 25 squares appear and there are 3 main colors that are white, yellow, and brown. If the cell appears white, the letter does not belong to the cell of that row or column. If the cell is yellow, the letter already belongs to the cell of that row or column but is in the wrong position, you need to correct the position. If the box appears brown, then you are sure to have the correct placement. All boxes are brown you will win because this is the correct final result. Your aim is to create 6 words that have meanings either vertically or horizontally. It will be easy when you get to try many times in this game but no you only have 15 turns to match the letters. If you exceed the allowed number of times, you will lose.

With simple graphics, easy to understand the gameplay, the game will definitely give you attractive puzzles that make you play again and again. Challenge yourself with more puzzles to test your brain acumen. In addition, to be able to experience more different game themes here you can refer to some of our featured games such as Pixel Warfare, Exhibit of Sorrows, and Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block.

How to control Waffle Game

  • Hold the mouse to move the tiles together
Have Fun!