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Introducing to players Snake Game is a snake survival game latest version. This game challenges you to be the longest snake in the multiplayer game arena.

If you want to experience this game in a real multiplayer arena then this is the game for you. The participants in the game are all from all over the world and they all have the same goal of becoming the biggest snake. To win that title you need to go through a continuous process of food intake. Also to increase body size you can use your skillful skills to knock down other snakes by blocking their heads with your body. You can do the action with your opponent and conversely the opponent can do the same with you. So be careful in all situations.

Also when participating in the game you need to note some items and food that will help you grow out quickly but can also kill you immediately. The first is the red apples they can help you increase the size of your snake. The second is the bomb it will kill you when you ingest it. Finally, the blue water bottle, if you eat them, your body will be shortened. Taking a close look at the items before eating is a piece of advice for you.

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  • Fresh vivid game graphics
  • Sound gives you the motivation to win
  • More items added to the game
  • Challenge your observation and survival ability


  • Use the arrow keys to move your snake on the game arena.
Have Fun!