Worm Hunt

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Worm Hunt is a thrilling snake game that describes the process from when you are a newborn snake to when you become the largest snake in the area.

Surely the snake game is already a familiar game for everyone but in this game, we will bring you many interesting things along with many interesting items. How to own items with such great power? That's right, what you need to do now is control your snake to move around the map to collect food. Moreover, in the pile of food that you collect, there will be great items such as magnets, eyes to see more broadly, and many other interesting items. Keep absorbing to become the biggest snake and top the leaderboard.

Besides the items and food piles that help you grow big, you also need to have survival skills to develop further. You need to stay away from opponents that are around you if you see them moving abnormally and cornering you. If you are surrounded then your chances of survival will be very low. So act before you are surrounded and destroyed by your opponent. You can also do the opposite of changing opponents by surrounding and destroying them. When the opponent is destroyed, the thing to do now is to eat all the food left by the opponent. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the firewall, when you rush into it, you will lose your life immediately. How long will you survive to become the biggest snake depends on your survival skills.

Worm Hunt game is rated as one of the most popular entertainment games running on all web browsers on computers and phones. For you to have more choices, here we present you games of the same type such as Snake Game, Happy Snakes, Snake io War, Little Big Snake. Wish you have wonderful relaxing moments!


  • Use the mouse to move
  • Click or space to increase the speed of the snake
Have Fun!